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Creating a content marketing strategy for a small business – know who you are.

Content Marketing – the term – may be foreign to most small and medium businesses, but, it is a concept not so foreign in practice as everything about marketing and sales is about content.

The temptation is to think that it is a venture reserved for large corporations. It is a venture suited for anyone selling something, and yes, even a hobbyist blogger, more so in this digital age.

As we delve in our quest for what it takes to succeed online, in this article we dig into the marrow of content marketing – the definitive guide on how to plan and execute a successful content marketing for your organization, we are looking at how to create a content marketing strategy/plan.

The end product is a document that you and anyone in your organization involved in marketing will use as a guide for all digital marketing activities.

The first step to creating a content marketing strategy is knowing who you are and what you want out of your content marketing efforts.

The second is, know your customer.

Content marketing is a tango dance between two people, the business and the customer. Click To Tweet

To achieve the theatrical elegance of the mesmerizing and fluid tango dance. A dancer takes to the dance floor anticipating the partner’s moves, and in sync, they twist, wind and glide. They look like they are meant for each other; they are a fit or at least work hard to fake it.

Like the Argentine tango dancers, for content marketing to work there has to be a match between the customer and the business.

A brand should know who she is, why she exists, and what differentiates her from the competition. She should know who her customer is; what tickles and moves her.

When a business is aware of these, she can now knowingly create the kind content a customer will love.

That’s where we start.

Who you are – your purpose

To get the proper perspective for your content marketing, start by stating who you are.

For instance, joXdigital is a digital marketing agency focused on helping a small and medium business to thrive online.

That is who you are. State it.

As with other areas of your life, be careful not to copy others’ ideas and methods which don’t suit your way; it will only frustrate your content marketing efforts.

Based on who you are, craft a mission and goals for your content marketing aligned to the bigger picture of the essence of your existence.

Define a Mission for Content Marketing.

What is the one thing that you want to do with your content marketing efforts – the thing that will help you achieve your vision as a business? Make that your mission.

For instance, ours is; to help businesses navigate the complex digital landscape with engaging and relevant content, in so doing, we are positioned as leaders in digital marketing in the region.

The mission should state what problem you are trying to solve – a complex digital landscape.

How you intend to solve it (what is in it for the customer) – relevant and engaging content

What is in it for you – to become the go-to guys for everything digital.

Set the Goals for Content Marketing.

When you have your mission laid out, set goals on how you intend to achieve it. You’ve heard of SMART goals, it is clichéd and heavily promoted, the thing though is that they work.

They help you focus your efforts in achieving your overall business objectives.

Here are some of our broad goals
• Grow brand awareness and following.
• Steer thought leadership on digital marketing
• Grow business sales

With the goals locked in, how will you measure their effectiveness? You use performance indicators.

Set Performance indicators for your content marketing goals.

The key performance indicators, also known as KPIs, answer the question, “How do you know you are on track to achieving your goals?

Brand awareness and following Signups to our mailing list, Facebook likes, Twitter followers, blog post shares
Thought leadership Mentions by peers, backlinks to our articles
Sales Sales leads, traffic to the website

Your objective as a marketer is to package your company and her products or services as the best dance partner for her customers.

By knowing who you are, and what is in it for you, you will have laid a solid ground for your content marketing journey.

Once you know who you are, next you move on to find out who your customer is. We cover that next.

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