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How to Add WhatsApp and Facebook Messenger to a WordPress Website

You own a website. WordPress powers it. Then here is a quick, easy to follow guide on how to add WhatsApp and Facebook Messenger to a WordPress website.

Why add them to my website? You ask. Because your customers and almost everyone you know is on WhatsApp or Facebook. The angst caused by the July 2018  OTT in Uganda that spawned into bloody street riots was an eye-opener to the reliance of masses are on social media.

Globally, WhatsApp and Facebook messenger – instant messaging apps from the same behemoth Facebook lead their peers with a combined 2.8BN active monthly users.

You already have a website; you read the times. Why not add WhatsApp and Facebook Messenger to it?

If your website is for anything other than growing your organization, then it is okay, you can skip. If, on the other hand, you put the effort in establishing an online presence to grow your organization, then the dividends are worth the five or so minutes you invest now to provide your audience with multiple channels to engage with you.

If you are telling yourself that you can’t, you do not need any programming skills to do this. WordPress is rich with plugins that you can use to add impressive functionality to your website.

For this article, you will use the free version of WhatsHelp Chat Button.

Install and configure WhatsHelp Chat Button

Login to the admin side of your website.

On the left Menu, under Plugins and click Add New

Enter WhatsHelp in the search field. Next, click the Install Now button, wait for a second or two then click Activate.

Install WhatsHelp

Once it is installed, proceed to configure it.

First, head to www.whatshelp.io/widget to get the code for the buttons.

Select WhatsApp from the list of messaging apps then enter your WhatsApp number in the phone number field.

WhatsHelp Messaging apps

Set the color of the chat button, position and call to action message.

Customize button image

Enter your email address in the field and click Get Button Code.

Enter email address

The code is generated, which you need to copy the code and return to your website.

With the code in hand, return to your website.

On the left menu, click  WhatsHelp

WhatsHelp Menu

In provided box paste the code you copied from whatshelp.io and then click Save

That’s all you need to do in the admin area. Logout and go to your website to see and test your WhatsApp and Facebook buttons.


Final thoughts.

That wasn’t hard, was it?

You website visitors now have alternative options of reaching you with the channels they are already engaged in.

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