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What it takes to succeed online.

I don’t know any entrepreneur who starts a business for the thrill of seeing it fail. We all have one universal desire – a desire to succeed.

The success we pursue – often – eludes us at very bend. That sucks.

In the last two decades, I’ve started dozen-plus online ventures that have failed, a phenomenon which agrees to industry consensus that 90% of startups fail. That means, one out of every ten websites will succeed.

The numbers agree with what I see in my practice.

A client walks in, excited about the prospects of a website; they’ve figured it out, it’s their time to mine some mina from the internet gold mine that internet marketers tout. Twelve months in, a hosting renewal demand notice, and it dawns, they feel conned, it was all a lie, they seem to contend, or maybe they didn’t have the whole picture up front.

I’ve been there, take it from a guy with a dozen-plus failures.

However, I’ve seen successful too. So have several other clients I am privileged to work with who seem to have figured out the secret to success online.

So, what sets apart these coveted success stories? What plagues the 90%? How does one join the exclusive club of the 10%?

Here is the secret! Shhh…

There is no secret. I am sorry to disappoint.

Success online is a result of a solid understanding of a brand: its purpose, motives, and offering to a known audience through channels they are engaged in.

Success online is a result of a solid understanding of a brand: its purpose, motives, and offering to a known audience through channels they are engaged in. Click To Tweet

That’s it. You can as well stop reading the article, that’s the secret that is not a secret.

As an entrepreneur, especially one who claims to help organizations succeed online, I reiterate that you can be successful.

I will help you understand the digital landscape so you can have a fighting chance to join the 10%.

We’ll start small. Simple, granular details that any person – techy or not – can implement.

I only have one ask.

Commit the same energy to the process as you do when the biting hunger drives you to the nearby food stand.  

Do that, and I can guarantee you success.

All right then, this is what you need to do to succeed online.

1. Create a plan.

I mean, write it down.

Where there is no vision, Solomon said, the people perish.

The internet is complicated, admit it.

That’s why you need a battle plan to ever dream of getting a dime out of it.

Over 80% of the clients I work with approach their online efforts in a desultory manner, hoping to stumble on success.  

Over 80% of #SMEs approach their online efforts in a desultory manner, hoping to stumble on success. Click To Tweet

Having your battle plan on paper makes it easy to pursue, or as it is said, write down your vision, and a herald will run with it.(paraphrased)

Before you jump into the bandwagon of starting a website or creating a Facebook page – do some soul searching.

A digital marketing strategy and all the plans therein: content marketing plan, social media strategy, and a ton of other plans and strategies digital marketers churn out is where you concretize your motives for going online.

I’ll not lie to you. It is not something easy to work on, especially for we multi-hut wearing small business owners.

But, you can do it.

2. Muscle the heart to succeed online.

Having a plan is the first part, next, is the heart you bring to the grind of building your online presence.

When the calls you expected to flood your telephone from your website don’t come in, you realize, almost everyone online is a skeptic and no one cares about you or what you have to say about yourself or your products that a thousand other people are pushing down the throats of the very people you thought would call you.

So what do the 90% do? Give up. They seem to scream from the summit of Kilimanjaro – it doesn’t work.

What they miss is a common and replicable characteristic of the 10%.

They bring this childish tenacity and stubbornness to their efforts.

Everything about the internet, apart from the split seconds it takes to for an email to hit the inbox of someone across the world is slow, with the exception of a few overnight cases.

I want to be on the first page of Google when someone searches about my business, says a client – thinking it happens the second their website goes live.

It takes a tested strategy and the right SEO tools to write content, and build links to your website, all hoping that Google will reward the efforts with placement on the first page.

SEO takes months or even years for competitive niches. It takes a childish tenacity and stubbornness to wait patiently for results.

The soft skills, the intangible traits of character that make you successful offline are the same skills that you need to bring on to your online venture.

There is no other way.

You can do it.

I want to succeed so bad. I want to make a tiny dent in my little world. That is is the heart of almost every entrepreneur.

I assure you. You can succeed.

Succeeding online is not reserved for the esoteric one-of-the-kinds.

Succeeding online is not reserved for the esoteric one-of-the-kinds. Click To Tweet

I will demystify the notion and break down the broad aspects of what one needs to know to succeed online.  

We shall start from the basics – of content marketing – a simple yet powerful journey to learn the abstracts and complexities of the digital landscape.

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We are holding nothing back from the decades of experience to help you grow and thrive online. Hopefully, you will join the 10%.

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