Why SEO is important to a business and a website

8 Reasons Why SEO is important for your business (website)

Let’s look at why SEO is important for your business or website.

This article follows our earlier article that explores what SEO is.

My hope is that understanding the importance of SEO will convince you to allocate time and money to Search Engine Optimization (SEO).

Why SEO is important for your business

Your audience (customers and potential customers) use search engines already

Only a few years ago, Google wasn’t a thing; today, Google is on the lips of everyone with a smartphone.

Search engines are woven into the lives of your audience as they’ve come to rely on them for answers and guidance.

Isn’t that what your business does? Provide answers and solutions to customer problems?

With search engine optimization, you front your business to customers looking for solutions to problems your business solves.

Search engines are the gatekeepers to the world wide web

The only way most users discover the 1.8bn websites on the internet today is through search engines.

When a user is on a discovery path, as gatekeepers to the W.W.W., search engines dictate which website gets a spot on the first page of its Search Engine’s Results Page (SERP).

A continuous effort to continually improve your website for your audience and search engines through SEO is how you stay on the radar of search engines.

The top-ranking sites on SERPs take the lion’s share of search traffic.

If you are not on the first page of results query, your website will never get visitors from search engines.

SISTRIX analyzed billions of search results and over 80 million keywords to understand click-rate in Google search.

The results confirm past research that shows clicks from web visitors converge on the first page.

But even on the first page, no two positions get the same clicks.

The first position gets 28.5% clicks, the second, 15.7%, the third, 11%, and the tenth, 2.5%

That said, the higher you get in SERPs, the more search engines will send visitors to your website.

It’s rare to get the first position on Google search by chance; you need SEO.

Search is a source of business leads even when you are sleeping

SEO efforts payoff when your stores, phones, and mailboxes flood with business leads.

That’s because being on the first page of a search engine for keywords relevant to your content drives traffic to your website.

Traffic converts to sales leads.

SEO gives your website audience a good user experience

For a moment, forget using SEO to get to the first place in SERPs; most SEO tasks center around giving your audience a good user experience.

Google’s ranking factors like page speeds, internal linking, mobile responsiveness, security all make your website pleasurable to a visitor.

Your desire for SEO may be to rank higher on search, but by optimizing your website for search, you give your audience a great user experience.

A good user experience = people sticking longer on your site (low bounced rates) = more leads and sales.

SEO is a great way to build brand authority and awareness

Content marketing and link building in SEO campaigns position you as an authority in your industry.

Pitching and having your website and company mentioned on other websites cements your position as an expert in your trade.

And on the other part, this exposure increases brand awareness and brand recognition.

SEO offers a better ROI than PPC

As you grow your authority and presence with SEO, the return on investment (ROI) in SEO outranks that of paid channels.

The payoff of SEO is in the long term; once you consistently rank high for valuable keywords in your industry, you will always get visitors to your website.

While with PPC, once you halt the ads, so does the tap of traffic.

Even with minimum effort, you can always dominate the SERPs at least until someone creates better content than you in the eye of Google.

Your competition is eating into your customer base

If you live in South Africa and are on the market for a house, you would query Google for “real estate south africa”

You should then see this.

Notice Google has in its index 537 million websites for the keyword, “real estate south africa”

But it has only space for ten websites on its first page.

If you are a real estate company in South Africa, how would you get in front of everyone searching for “real estate south Africa”? Answer: SEO

If Google is not referring you to its customers, it is referring to your competition.

Google will gladly recommend you to its visitors if it believes you have the best answers and solutions to search queries.

It is with search engine optimization that you get to convince Google that your website is the best.

Now that you know the immense value of SEO to a company let’s dive deep and learn how search engines work.

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